Start your career in Singapore

How to grow your business in multi-racial & religious Singapore

Singapore, this shining island nation, From mid-March to mid-April 2024, a series of festivals including the Islamic month of Ramadan, Christian ...

Conditions and Successful Cases for Upgrading from Singapore’s WP to SP

Upgrading from Singapore's Work Permit (WP) to an S Pass typically requires improvements in the following areas

Singapore’s Most Cost-Effective Online Diploma Courses in 2024

Elevate your career in 2024 with a Singapore-recognized Online Diploma! .Comprehensive and practical digital marketing curriculum .Fast-Track Your ...

Singapore Government-Certified Baking Courses

For those in Singapore who love baking and aspire to elevate their hobby to a professional skill, the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) in Baking ...

Part-time jobs for housewives, DP/LTVP or retirees in Singapore

Money No Enough?💵Start your own Home-Based Coconut Shake business now! With just 10 square feet of space at home and 2-3 hours of part-time work ...

🌟 Unlock Your Future in Singapore’s Hotel and Catering Industry! -NTS OL🌟

The MOM is committed to fostering growth in the hospitality sector, a cornerstone of Singapore's allure as a global travel destination. In alignment ...

Study & Work in Singapore-an affordable study abroad program

This article will tell you how Filipinos can access internship opportunities and a wide range of career options in Singapore, and how to prepare ...

2023 Singapore’s Most Cost-Effective Diploma Course – from S$4320 Only!

Our 17 diploma courses, including baking, hospitality, business, retail, and supply chain, are perfect for you.

How Foreigners Can Get Job in Singapore

Singapore does not allow foreigners to buy a ticket and rent a room to start working. , let's compare the three most used passes EP, SP and WP for ...

Singapore Family Members Pass – 2022

Do you know which workers and students can apply for a pass for their dependents to travel to Singapore together? Can these Dependent Passes work or ...

Trainees and students Pass in Singapore

Can foreign students and trainees work legally in Singapore? The answer, yes!

Singapore Skilled and Semi-Skilled workers – Work Permit– 2022

If you are Skilled and Semi-Skilled workers, the following passes are suitable for you

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