Conditions and Successful Cases for Upgrading from Singapore’s WP to SP

Upgrading from Singapore’s Work Permit (WP) to an S Pass typically requires improvements in the following areas:

  1. Educational Advancement: The S Pass usually requires a higher educational level. Applicants might need to possess at least a diploma or equivalent qualification. If you currently hold a lower-level educational certificate, enhancing your education could increase your chances of obtaining an S Pass.

    • Successful Case: A technical worker from China initially worked in Singapore on a Work Permit in the construction industry. After a few years, he completed a diploma course in engineering through part-time studies. Leveraging his newly acquired diploma and work experience in Singapore, he successfully applied for a technician position in an engineering firm and obtained an S Pass.
  2. Professional Skills and Qualifications: Enhancing or acquiring professional skills and qualifications relevant to the job, especially those in demand in Singapore, can increase the likelihood of transitioning to an S Pass.

    • Successful Case: An Indonesian chef initially working in Singapore on a Work Permit at a restaurant. During her tenure, she actively participated in several WSQ courses in cooking and hospitality management and obtained relevant certificates. These additional qualifications helped her gain recognition in Singapore’s culinary industry, eventually leading her to successfully apply for a head chef position at a renowned restaurant and obtain an S Pass.
  3. Work Experience: Increasing relevant field experience, especially work history in Singapore, can enhance the chances of obtaining an S Pass. MOM considers the applicant’s work performance and experience.

    • Successful Case: A nursing assistant from the Philippines initially worked in Singapore on a Work Permit at a nursing home. A few years later, due to her excellent work performance and professional knowledge in nursing, she was promoted to a senior nursing assistant, and her salary reached the minimum standard for applying for an S Pass. Subsequently, she successfully applied for an S Pass.
  4. Salary Requirements: The S Pass has a minimum salary requirement, for example, from September 2024, the official minimum amount by MOM is S$3,150 (which increases with age, at least S$4,650 for those over 40) and candidates in the financial services industry require higher salaries to qualify. By September 2025, the minimum salary requirement will be S$3,300. Therefore, enhancing your professional status or skills to reach a higher salary level is necessary.

Other Conditions and Additional Information:

  1. Employer’s Support: Your employer must be willing to apply for the S Pass for you and meet MOM’s requirements for employers, such as quota and contribution to the local workforce. Under the existing quota, the maximum number of S Pass holders a company can employ is: 10% of the total workforce in the services sector and 15% in the construction, manufacturing, shipyard, and processing industries.

  2. Legal and Good Employment Record: Maintaining a good employment record with no illegal or regulatory violations is also necessary for transitioning to an S Pass.

  3. Complete Vaccination: Successful candidates also need to meet vaccination requirements to be approved.

  4. Family Members: S Pass holders earning at least S$6,000 per month can apply for a Dependant’s Pass for their family members.

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