Singapore’s Most Cost-Effective Online Diploma Courses in 2024

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, staying ahead means constantly upgrading your skills. That’s where the Diploma in Digital Marketing Technology (E-Learning)

  • Government-approved and recognized in Singapore. Offered by AceTek  College with decades of experience in the industry
  • Comprehensive and practical digital marketing curriculum.
  • Fast-Track Your Success in Just 6 Months( Zoom combined with self-study)!
  • A stepping stone for various permits, job transitions, and promotions.
  • No exam is required for graduation. 

Course Modules

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

This module provides students with an overview of the principles and practices of digital marketing. Students will learn about the different channels and tactics involved in digital marketing and how to develop an effective digital marketing strategy.

2.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This module focuses on the techniques and best practices used in search engine optimization. Students will learn how to optimize websites for search engines and increase organic traffic to their sites.

3.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In this module, students will learn about search engine marketing and the different platforms available for pay-perclick advertising, including Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising/Bing Ads.

4.Social Media Marketing & Branding

This module covers social media marketing and the different platforms available for businesses to engage with their target audience. Students will learn how to develop a social media strategy and tactics for building brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty.

5.Social Media Advertising

In this module, students will learn about social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They will learn how to set up and optimize social media ad campaigns and measure their effectiveness.

6.Content Marketing

This module covers content marketing strategies and tactics, including blog and email marketing. Students will learn how to create engaging content that resonates with their target audience and how to use email marketing to nurture leads and build customer relationships.

7.Web Analytics (Google Analytics)

This module provides students with an understanding of web analytics and how to use tools like Google Analytics to measure and analyze the performance of digital marketing campaigns. Students will learn how to use data to make data-driven decisions and optimize campaigns.

8.Digital Strategy and Planning (Marketing Automation)

In this module, students will learn about digital strategy and planning and how to use marketing automation tools to streamline and optimize their digital marketing efforts.

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Course Schedule

Entry Requirement 

Assessment & Graduation


Attendance:Achieved minimum attendance of 75% to qualify for graduation.
Assessment Method:The assessment will be combination of written presentations, projects or written assignments. Assessment methods may vary according to individual module requirements.
Graduation Criteria:Students who have successfully completed the course by passing every module will be awarded the Diploma in Digital Marketing Technology (E-Learning), by ACETEK College.


  1. Documents required for application
  2. Filled student application form 
  3. Copy of all educational certificates and transcripts
  4. Singapore residents: copy of NRIC or Work pass, LTVP or Dependent pass
  5. Foreigner: copy of passport or any other ID

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