Part-time jobs for housewives, DP/LTVP or retirees in Singapore

In today’s Singapore, the cost of living continues to rise, and many people are struggling to make ends meet. However, numerous individuals cannot work outside their homes for various reasons, including busy homemakers, DP and LTVP holders, as well as our esteemed retirees. To help everyone earn additional income, CocoSan leverages years of experience in the beverage industry to create a brand-new family ice dessert business opportunity for you. With just a 10 ft² space in your home and 2-3 hours of part-time work each day, you can easily earn 1-3K per month! Furthermore, this business opportunity is not only viable but also comes with exciting reasons to get started:

  1. A Completely Legal Family Business :CocoSan offers a legitimate family entrepreneurial opportunity that has been verified as viable.

  2. Quick Return on Investment : You can start operating within just one week, ensuring a swift ROI and allowing you to enjoy profits early on.

  3. Instant Income with No Delayed Payments :Your business income will go directly into your account, eliminating the risk of payment delays and ensuring timely compensation.

  4. Guaranteed Net Profit of Over 20%+ :Our innovative model provides substantial net profit guarantees, proven to earn you 1-3K per month.

  5. Easy Operation with Recipes and One-on-One Training :We provide verified recipes and personalized one-on-one training and full support, making it easy for even inexperienced individuals to get started.

  6. Low Equipment Investment ($3,300) and Small Footprint (10 ft²) :Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar investments of $50K-200K+, our startup costs are low, with minimal space requirements of only 10 square feet, and low ongoing maintenance costs.

  7. Flexible Working Hours : You can schedule your work according to your own timetable, giving you complete control over your time.

  8. No Need Computer Skills : You don’t need to worry about computer expertise; the headquarters will handle marketing and online platform management.

  9. No Need for Customer Deliveries :Our business model leaves delivery to the professionals at Grab Food and Food Panda, allowing you to focus solely on creating delicious ice desserts.

With just three simple steps, you can quickly start your family ice dessert business:

1. Register a Singaporean company and sign up as a #cocosan franchisee.

2. Pay the fees of $8,300 – $12,300, including:

• Franchise Fee: 1 year/$3,000 or 3 years/$7,000

• Refundable Deposit/$1,000

• Equipment Fee/$3,300

• Initial Materials Fee/$1,000

3.One week later, you can start taking orders!

Contact us WhatsApp +65 81820632 now for more detailed information. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Solve your financial problems and make your dreams come true!

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