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Singapore boasts a robust business environment with close ties to international companies, presenting invaluable work experiences and networking opportunities. By December 2022, the number of foreign workers in Singapore is projected to reach an impressive 1.5 million, reflecting the vast employment potential this nation holds. As a Filipino studying in Singapore, you’ll have access to internships, and an extensive range of career options.

But Singapore is also a country that is difficult to enter, because of its high salary and high standard of living. The Prime Minister of Singapore once said that there are 100 million people waiting in line to enter Singapore!

If Filipinos want to get a job in Singapore, you need to at least meet the requirements of the S-pass. When you successfully obtain a S-pass, you can bring your family to live in Singapore and have the opportunity to apply for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR).

But you don’t have to wait now, we offer 12-15 month programs including Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma for those aged 16 years and above! Tuition fees from only S$4320 to S$6480, include 6-9 months of comprehensive study, followed by a 6-month paid internship.

Many students are hired by the companies they interned with, and many find jobs on their own. In conclusion, it is relatively easy for you to find a job in Singapore (when you study and live here). 

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During the study period, students take a Singapore student pass and study face-to-face for 4 hours /day,5 days / week. During the 6-9 months of study, you cannot engage in any face-to-face work in Singapore, even without pay. But online part-time job is OK.

Internships are done under a Training Work Permit (TWP) subject to approval and issuance from the Ministry of Manpower. Internships work 44 hours a week, more than 44 hours are considered overtime, and generally our students will receive S$1000-1500/month.

Can’t calculate the total expenses for these 12-15 months? The following table will provide you with some reference

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Yes, generally speaking, 12-15 months of Singapore course tuition + living expenses (deducting internship income) will cost about S$16,000~S$21,000, which is about ₱650,000~₱900,000.

While having personal savings is ideal, we understand that pursuing your dreams may require financial assistance. That’s where education loans come in, most banks and some financial institutions in the Philippines can provide education loans up to ₱2 Million. these loans can help bridge the gap between your dreams and reality.

Don’t let financial constraints hinder your ambitions; take the leap and invest in your future today.

Singapore’s reputation as a global business hub and center for innovation and entrepreneurship is well-deserved.

You can learn more details through the following website of the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore

By working in this dynamic city-state, Filipinos can immerse themselves in a thriving business ecosystem. Here, you’ll gain valuable skills, hands-on experience, and exposure to international markets. 

Don’t wait any longer – apply now! Within just 30 days, you can start your exciting journey of studying and living in Singapore. Immerse yourself in a life-transforming experience that will shape your future and career. 

Make the decision to study in Singapore and unlock endless opportunities for growth and success. Take the first step today by submitting your application. 

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