How Foreigners Can Get Job in Singapore

How Foreigners Can Get Job in Singapore

                                  ——EP/SP and WP recruitment channels and conditions

         As one of the regions with the highest salaries in Asia, Singapore is known for its diverse job opportunities and attitude towards the development of foreign talents, it’s extremely low unemployment rate, and the government’s fair employment guarantees for workers (such as 44 hours a week, overtime pay and various insurance and benefits), attracting millions of people each year looking to enter Singapore to work. Whether you want to gold-plate your career and use Singapore as a springboard to go to other developed countries; or want to seek stable development in Singapore, Singapore, a paradise for workers, is your best choice.

       The following is the total income and per capita income of Singapore as a family unit (2016-2021). In 2021, the median monthly household income in Singapore is 9,520 SGD, and the average family personal income is 3,027 SGD. and median personal income by age (2021). And education is a key factor in determining your salary and career future

As you can see in the picture, if you have a job in Singapore, you can not only support your family, but also take a few casual trips every year, and you will be a winner in life.

However, Singapore does not allow foreigners to buy a ticket and rent a room to start working. Before that, you need to apply for a work permit. The singaporegateway has compiled a comparison chart of various permits before

Today, let’s compare the three most used passes EP, SP and WP for workers in Singapore (income S$2000 – S$5000+)

EP/ Employment Pass

Designed in Singapore for foreign professionals, managers, and executives with advanced skills, it is the highest-ranking work pass issued by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore. Candidates need to earn at least S$5,000 per month. Financial services of at least S$5,500, and gradually increase with age (up to S$10,500 for those in their 40s). As of December 2021, there are 161,700 holders of this pass in Singapore. Validity: First-time applicants: Up to 2 years, Renewal: Up to 3 years, EP holders can apply for a Dependent Pass for their family to live in Singapore together.

Enterprises hire these employees mainly through headhunting companies, professional career platforms such as LinkedIn, etc., and may also be deployed by headquarters and branches. To get such a job, you need at least a college degree, strong professional skills, a strong resume, a good level of English, team leadership, and the ability to collaborate across cultures.

SP/ S Pass

 It is designed in Singapore for mid-level skilled workers of various countries, and candidates need to earn at least S$3,000 per month. (up to $4,500 for candidates in their 40s with age) and at least S$3,500 for financial services (up to S$5,500 for those in their 40s) Validity: 2 years, can be renewed upon expiration, and can apply for Dependent Pass for family members.

When companies hire these employees, they will be screened and recommended through online platforms such as jobstreet, fastjobs or mycareersfuture, and through labor intermediaries. To get such a job, you need at least a tertiary education and relevant professional skills and certifications, the language used in the job, and an adaptation to the Singaporean work culture.

For EP and SP applications, salary, academic qualifications and employment letters from the company are all rigid indicators. You can go to the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) of the Ministry of Manpower s-pass-self-assessment-tool to see if you meet the standards

WP/ Work Permit

For labour workers aged 18-50, mainly in construction, service or shipyards and manufacturing industries, most of them are introduced by labour intermediaries to work abroad. There is no educational background and basic salary requirements, but they need to have certain skills and hard work. Validity period: 2 years, renewable upon expiration. Dependent’s Pass cannot be applied for.

As far as I know, the basic salary of the WP market in 2022 will be S$1800+, but with overtime pay, allowances and bonuses, most people can get around S$2500. Many companies provide labour dormitories, which also saves accommodation costs. WP base salary is not high, but many people earn good income by working overtime. The author knows a tiling master from China who works 2 8-hour shifts a day (daytime construction in residential areas and night construction in shopping malls) and can earn S$7000+ per month in salary + overtime.

If you have concerns about your professional ability, English and cultural adaptability when going to Singapore for employment, it is strongly recommended to enroll in a Singapore higher education course With a Singapore diploma and life experience It is very helpful in finding a job.

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