Singapore Skilled and Semi-Skilled workers – Work Permit– 2022

Singapore tight labour market and record high number of job vacancies. In June 2022, unemployment rates were 2.1% overall, 2.9% for residents, and 3.1% for citizens. In addition to the extremely low unemployment rate of citizens, Singapore has 1.2 million job opportunities for foreigners with various types of work permits. All foreigners who intend to work in Singapore must have a valid pass (commonly known as a work or study visa) before they start work or study.

If you are Skilled and Semi-Skilled workers, the following passes are suitable for you:

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We encourage you to use the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) to get an indication of whether a candidate meets the Employment Pass requirements. Candidates can also use the tool to assess their eligibility.

If the SAT shows that the candidate is not eligible, you shouldn’t apply for the Employment Pass because it will be rejected.

If the SAT shows that the candidate is eligible, there is around a 90% chance that the candidate will get a pass.

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